Using 1011 Evans: Zoom Meeting on Mac mini

Using 1011 Evans: Zoom Meeting on Mac mini

  1. Press the "Mac mini" button on the right side of Crestron LCD panel.
    Screenshot of Crestron Start Page

    This turns on the projector and lowers the screen. The Mac's desktop will appear in a few moments after the projector warms up. The "Mac mini" option will be highlighted in the MAIN column on the Crestron. (NOTE: here, "Mac mini" refers to a Mac computer that resides inside of the podium, that the wireless keyboard and mouse are hooked up to.)

  2. Open Zoom by clicking the blue-and-white Zoom icon on the dock on the left side of the screen. If you can't see the icon, press COMMAND(⌘)+SPACEBAR on the wireless keyboard and type '' then hit enter to launch Zoom.
  3. Click “Sign In”, and then on “SSO”. You might be prompted to enter "berkeley" as the organization. A web browser will open – login using your CalNet credentials.
  4. Click the “New Meeting” button or join an existing meeting. If you want to record the meeting, check your computer/cloud recording preferences at Then press the “Record” button along the bottom of the Zoom window to begin recording.
  5. To select a camera for your meeting press either "Audience Camera", "Presenter Camera", or "Laptop" button in the STREAM column in the middle of the LCD display. All applications on the Mac will see this choice as "Vaddio AV Matrix Pro" regardless of which stream choice is selected. Note that choosing Laptop as the STREAM device causes the laptop's screen to behave as the Mac mini's webcam.
    Screenshot of Crestron Source Selection
  6. When you choose either the audience or presenter cameras, you can change where they point to. One of the presets on the right side will usually do what you need, but you may use the controls to fine tune the direction.
    Screenshot of Crestron Camera Controls
  7. It is possible to have a secondary camera appear as a "Picture-in-Picture" (PIP). For example you may want to have the main camera focus on the conference table while the other camera focusses on the front glassboard. To activate this, choose the secondary camera in the PIP source list at the right side of the Crestron screen.
  8. You can set the volume of the room audio by pressing the up and down arrows on the LCD panel's right side bezel.
  9. When you end the zoom meeting, depending on your Zoom profile settings, either a dialog will appear showing you a Finder window with the video recording file, or it will automatically be saved to the Zoom cloud. If the latter, you can find your recordings under "Recordings" when you log into the website and go to your “Profile”.


Zoom is showing a mirror image of my laptop’s display.

You may have “Mirror my camera” enabled on your zoom account. To change this, click on the ^ icon beside the Video icon at the bottom-left of the Mac Mini’s screen, and click on Settings, then Video. You should see a button that says “Mirror my video” – uncheck it.


Zoom is crashing when I try to start it.

Reboot the Mac Mini, and try again.