Hosting a Shiny App

Shiny is a web application framework developed by RStudio. It allows you to create interactive graphics that users access through the web. The graphics are supported by R computation and graphing behind the scenes using R code that you write.

If you are affiliated with the department, following these steps to host your Shiny app on the SCF.

  1. Email consult [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu (subject: set%20up%20my%20account%20for%20Shiny%20hosting) to let us know you'd like to use this service, as we need to set up your account to do this.
  2. Once you hear back from us, create a directory in your web area, /mirror/data/pub/shiny/{username}/{appname}, where '{username}' is your SCF username and '{appname}' is the name you choose for your app. You can create multiple apps.
  3. Put your server.R and ui.R in the app directory. Note that when a user uses the app, the server starts an R process running in your SCF account, so your app should have access to any R packages you have installed locally in your account (in addition to the system-installed packages). Your app will also have access to data stored in your SCF account.
  4. Point your users to{username}/{appname} to use the app. As an example, see for a basic histogram/density app with the faithful dataset from R. You can see the underlying code in server.R and ui.R in /mirror/data/pub/shiny/paciorek/faith.