How do I use a USB key or removable drive?

How do I use a USB key or removable drive?

This article contains information about how to read and write to removable USB devices using a Linux workstation.

  1. Login to a Linux workstation.

  2. Insert your device into one of the front ports, if available. Otherwise, use one of the ports on the back. Wait a few moments for the computer to detect your key. You will see a new window appear with the contents of your USB device.

  3. You may drag and drop files to and from file manager windows. Alternatively, if you click the device label at the bottom-left corner of the USB device window, you will be able to note the mount point of the USB device, for example '/media/usbkey'. You can then use a terminal window to copy or move files.

  4. When you are done copying files, double-click on the 'Computer' icon on the desktop. Right-click on the icon for the USB device and choose the contextual menu item for eject. This ensures that all reading and writing to and from the device will complete properly. You may then remove your USB device from the computer.