Winston Lin

Year Graduated: 
Statistics Ph.D. Program
A.B., Economics, Princeton University, 1985
M.S., Computer Science, New York University, 2002
Office / Location: 
431 Evans Hall
winston [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Primary Research Area: 
Applied & Theoretical Statistics
Statistics in Social Sciences
Essays on causal inference in randomized experiments
Dissertation Advisor: 
Jasjeet Sekhon, Terry Speed

Before coming to Berkeley, I studied for a Ph.D. in economics (all but dissertation, MIT, 1985-1989) and worked on the randomized experiments to evaluate the Job Training Partnership Act (at Abt Associates) and Canada's Self-Sufficiency Project (at MDRC), among other projects. I'm interested in causal inference, social program evaluation, and education research.