2014 KAG Graduate Student Travel Fund Recipients

Yuting Wei:

I would like to thank the KAG funding to support my trip to NIPS conference at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, during Dec 5th to 10th. NIPS conference is one of the top conferences in Machine Learning field, in which I am interested to do research. As an annual event, the conference contains three parts: tutorial, conference lecture and workshops.  It invites scholars who did good jobs in this field to give brief reviews in tutorial sessions and lectures on their works in conference and workshop sessions. It offers me great opportunity to know about recent researches and communicate with experts.  What’s more, I find some good scientific problems to work at, which is really beneficial for my future research.

All of this was made possible by generous funding from KAG. I need not to worry about registration fee and housing expense and could focus on the conference itself better. Thanks again for providing me with this great chance.