Commencement: Expected Graduation Term

Expected Graduation Term (EGT) vs. Commencement List

IMPORTANT! Participating in the commencement ceremony does not mean you have graduated. Undergraduates: read on to see which applies to you and when you need to add yourself to each list. Statistics MA students: see MA program staff for formal graduation procedures. Statistics PhD students: see La Shana Porlaris for formal PhD graduation procedures. Biostatistics graduate students: see Janene Martinez for formal graduation procedures.

Expected Graduation Term (EGT). Your EGT indicates when you are expected to officially graduate. Every student is assigned an EGT when they come to UC Berkeley. If you wish to graduate in a different term, you must submit a petition to change your EGT the College of Letters & Science (206 Evans Hall). Read more about your EGT on the College of Letters & Science Graduation webpage.

Statistics Commencement List. The commencement list is how you inform us that you are planning to participate in the Statistics Department May 2019 Commencement. The event is a celebration for you and your family at the completion (or near completion) of your college years. At the Statistics Commencement, students receive a scroll, which symbolically represents a diploma. You do not actually receive your diploma at the ceremony. Your diploma is mailed about 4 months after the end of your last semester (see Information on how to participate is found on the Registration & Guest Tickets page.

Campuswide Commencement. The UC Berkeley campus holds a graduation commencement ceremony in both the fall and spring semesters. This ceremony is open to all majors and there is a separate registration process to participate. More information can be found here:

Signing up to participate in a commencement ceremony does not automatically update your EGT. Similarly, your EGT does not automatically sign you up to participate in a commencement ceremony. If you wish to participate in either the campuswide or department ceremony, you must register by the corresponding deadlines.