Blackwell Hall Dedication

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Photo of David Blackwell Hall sign

September 11, 2018, was the dedication of UC Berkeley's newest residence hall named after renown UC Berkeley Statistics Professor David Harold Blackwell. The ceremony took place in front of the new residence hall, which is now filled with first year students who moved in August 14th, 2018. The ceremony was attended by members of the Blackwell family, faculty and staff of the Statistics Department, members of the UC Berkeley administration, and staff from the residence hall community. Some of the memorable moments during the ceremony included brief tributes from Professors Peter Bickel & David Aldous, both had the privilege of working alongside Professor Blackwell. There were moving tributes from his family members, including three of his children and one grandchild. One memorable detail his family remarked on is that Professor Blackwell was a humble man and he would not have wanted his name on the side of a building. Despite this fact, they agree a residence hall is an ideal place to commemorate his contributions to UC Berkeley because it is a place to build community and foster knowledge in new students starting their journey in higher education. We are excited for the David Blackwell Hall to be home to new UC Berkeley students for generations to come. Here's an additional article done by UC Berkeley News,