Massari Joins Statistics as Lecturer

Massari Joins Statistics as Lecturer

The Department of Statistics is thrilled to welcome Andrea Massari as a lecturer for the spring 2024 semester. 

Massari earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Stony Brook University and an M.A. in Theoretical Physics from Università degli Studi di Parma in his native Italy. His research uses mathematical modeling and statistical methods to understand more about dark matter, the hypothetical substance throughout the universe that would explain many anomalous astronomical observations.Massari headshot

"I am really excited about joining the Statistics Department at UC Berkeley! I have always had a huge passion for learning and teaching," said Massari. "I switched to Data Science and came to the Bay Area, and that's when I fell in love with Statistics. Now it's time to share that experience and passion with the students, and learn from the amazing scholars at Cal."

Before joining UC Berkeley, Massari worked for several companies in the Bay Area, including META and UnifyID. Most recently, he served as a Senior Product Data Scientist at Waymo, working to make autonomous driving safer.

"We are thrilled about Andrea joining and teaching in the department!" said Chair Haiyan Huang. 

Massari enjoys linguistics, board games, history, wine and mead-making, theater, hiking, and animals. He has worked or volunteered at several education and outreach institutions, such as the National Museum of Mathematics in New York.

-Alex Coughlin