Statistics at SEEDS conference

Statistics at SEEDS conference

The Department of Statistics community was involved in the inaugural Statistics Empowering Data Science (SEEDS) Conference on January 12th and 13th in Los Angeles.  The conference was attended by a number of current MA program students and featured a talk by Professor Ryan Tibshirani.M.A. Students at SEEDS conference

"It's great to know that the students enjoyed the interesting talks! My goal, along with the statistics department, is to assist students in expanding their learning in the field of statistics and data science, including opportunities to attend conferences for further enrichment," said David Apilado Jr., Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services, Masters Program Coordinator. 

The goal of SEEDS is to educate participants on the interconnections between statistics, data science, and business research problems, with the intention of stimulating fresh collaborations, uncovering novel research directions, and helping keep higher education offerings up to date. The conference is organized by the Statistics Group within the Data Sciences and Operations (DSO) Department of the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

Tibshirani presented a talk titled "Conformal PID Control for Time Series Prediction" for a session on distribution-free predictive inference. Over 30 presenters from across higher education and the private sector spoke on topics. 

-Alex Coughlin