Course Material Archive

Course Material Archive

This page is the access point for archived course material for Statistics courses. Some content from Fall 2016 and later is available, and only some course materials hosted outside of bCourses is available.

The content was obtained from bCourses (and in some cases other locations) with permission from the instructor of the course (on an opt-out basis). Please note that per University of California rules, instructors hold the copyright to materials they create. The following requirements apply to the content and are also indicated in the "USAGE_RESTRICTIONS" file provided in the zipped content of each course:

  • Content is available for viewing by default, but you should contact the instructor before using the material in any way.
  • Some instructors opted out of the archiving process. This is indicated in the "USAGE_RESTRICTIONS" file. If you would like access to that content, please contact the instructor directly.
  • Some instructors indicated that others may use their materials without contacting them and/or that particular licenses apply to the materials. This is indicated in the "USAGE_RESTRICTIONS" file.
  • Note that if there is third-party content contained in the materials, any copyright to that content must also be considered before using the material. Fair use standards might apply.

Content is stored on bDrive (Google Drive). Each Statistics course has its own directory containing individual compressed files of material for a given course offering, including separate files when more than one version of a course was offered in a given semester.

Content is available to people currently employed as teaching faculty in the Department (ladder-rank faculty, lecturers, and adjunct faculty). GSIs and graduate summer instructors should ask a faculty member to obtain content on their behalf.