Group Tutor Positions

Group Tutor Positions

Appointees are employed to render individual or group instructional activities in support of regular academic programs. Under supervision, a Tutor’s duties may include individual tutoring sessions, group tutoring sessions, presentation at workshops, and other duties as assigned. Tutors do not perform teaching duties assigned to the GSI series.

Typical Statistics Group Tutors duties include meeting with students individually and in small groups to review course concepts and assignments, assisting in office hours, and grading homework and project assignments.


Students interested in applying for Spring 2024 Reader and Tutor positions should APPLY HERE

During the Fall and Spring semesters, we have a limited number of Group Tutor positions available for eight hours of work per week.

We begin accepting applications for the Summer and Fall in May and in October for the Spring semester. We will accept applications until all positions are filled.

Click here to apply for Data C8, C88S, C100, C102 and C140 Tutor positions


Tutors must meet Graduate Division's Minimum Qualifications

  • At least a 3.0 grade-point average. Though 3.0 GPA is the minimum, it is desirable for Group Tutor applicants to have received an A or A+ in the relevant courses.
  • May not have more than two Incomplete grades in upper division and graduate courses on the transcript.
  • Must be in good academic standing (i.e., may not be on academic probation or have had their degree candidacy lapse) and be clear of certain disciplinary probations based on the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Must have taken and received at least a B grade in the course or another course equivalent to the one in which they are serving.
  • Appointees must be UC students who are registered and enrolled in a least twelve units of course work, unless already advanced to doctoral candidacy, during the semester in which they are serving as a Tutor.
  • Must attend the New ASE Orientation sponsored by the Office of Labor Relations for the semester of the appointment, if this tutorship is the student’s first ASE assignment.

The campus HR website has the UAW contract for Academic Student Employees.


The campus HR website has current rates for a Group Tutor position. We are unable to offer tutor positions that provide tuition remission.