Peter Bartlett

Primary Research Area: 
Applied & Theoretical Statistics
Machine Learning
bartlett [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Office / Location: 
399 Evans Hall
Research Interests: 

My research interests are in the areas of machine learning, statistical learning theory, and reinforcement learning. I work on the theoreticalanalysis of computationally efficient methods for large or otherwise complex prediction problems. One example is structured prediction problems, where there is considerable complexity to the space of possible predictions. Such methods are important in a variety of application areas, including natural language processing, computer vision, and bioinformatics. A second area of interest is the analysis of prediction methods in a deterministic, game-theoretic setting. As well as being of interest in areas such as computer security, where an adversarial environment is a reasonable model, this analysis also provides insight into the design and understanding of prediction methods in a probabilistic setting. A third area of interest is the design of methods for large scale sequential decision problems, such as control of Markov decision processes. Again, computational efficiency is a crucial requirement. This is a common feature in all of these areas: the interplay between the constraint of computational efficiency and the statistical properties of a method.