Covid-19 and Evans Hall

Covid-19 and Evans Hall


Evans Hall from the WestThe Statistics Department is following the public health ordinance and university guidelines and policies. As of April 19, 2021 access for essential research will be allowed (please read below for how to request access). In-person meetings, whether on- or off-campus, or for any university business purpose are still not allowed per the public health ordinance. So no getting together with students/advisors/group members/visitors on- or off-campus to discuss research.

Statistics faculty, postdocs, GSRs and staff researchers who would like access to conduct essential research that cannot be successfully performed remotely as well as instructors who cannot teach from home can request ongoing "essential" access by filling out a Building Oversight Committee Access Request Form and by following the instructions below for Essential Personnel.

Campus is currently using a badge system for compliance monitoring. All employees who have been approved for access will need to show compliance with campus requirements including trainings, flu vaccination, the daily symptom screener and surveillance testing through the Campus Access Badge on the UC Berkeley Mobile App, which is available for download on IOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play Store)

One-Time Emergency Access

Contact Laura Slakey or Ryan Lovett if you are a member of the Statistics Department to inquire about one-time emergency access to your office in Evans Hall.

If you are permitted into Evans Hall for one-time, emergency access, please make sure to take all items you need with you, as you probably will not get another opportunity. If you have a helper, whether they are inside your isolation pod or not, they will also need to complete the training courses, complete the Daily Symptom Screener, and show the certificates for each before entry. Additionally all persons entering Evans Hall must verify they have received a flu shot or show that they have requested and received a medical exemption.

Essential Personnel

All personnel requesting approval for sustained access, in addition to the campus Covid-19 trainings (listed with links below) and completing the Daily Symptom Screener must:

  • Verify that you have received a flu shot fall/winter 2020-2021 or request and receive a medical exemption.
  • Send the certificate of completion for the Covid-19 training to the Department Chair and Department Manager prior to final approval of request for sustained access.
  • Review the UC Berkeley’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Guide to Returning to the Workplace Guide, sign the pledge found at the end of the guidelines and submit to both the Department Chair and the Department Manager prior to final approval of the request for sustained access.
  • Review the Statistics Department’s COVID-19 Guidelines for Evans Hall Access (located at the bottom of this web page), sign & date and send to both the Department Chair and the Department Manager prior to final approval of the request for sustained access.

Required Training Courses

These training courses must be completed at least once whether you are requesting one-time access or designation as an essential worker. A certificate will be issued upon completion. Send this certificate to the person who is meeting you at Evans Hall if you are coming for one-time, emergency access before you leave for Evans Hall and carry with you (on your mobile device is fine) while on campus as you may be asked to show it.

Daily Symptom Screener

Complete the Daily Symptom Screener every day that you will be coming to campus. You may find this easier to initiate through the UC Berkeley Mobile app. If you are a one-time emergency access individual, start the screener and choose to take the option as someone who does not have a CalNet login. Simply say "no" to the CalNet choice when prompted, and then enter your information. If you have been approved for sustained essential access you will be in the system and can (and should) CalNet authenticate. If you have been approved for sustained essential access and you cannot CalNet authenticate, there is a problem and your approval process has not been completed. In this case, please contact Laura Slakey (

Covid-19 and Business Travel


UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students planning to conduct university-related travel in the coming months should review UC Berkeley’s guidance on travel before making travel plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

UC Berkeley travelers, and those traveling to UC Berkeley, should also review guidance on the UHS website regarding requirements for testing and self isolation before and after travel.