Tech Reports

The Department faculty regularly makes its research available to the wider community in the form of tech reports. Reports reaching back to 1992 are available for download below.

Additional Resources:

Steven N. Evans, Yelena Shvets, Montgomery Slatkin
Tao Shi, Eugene E. Clothiaux, Bin Yu, Amy J. Braverman, David N. Groff
Ben Taskar and Simon Lacoste-Julien and Michael I. Jordan
Luay Nakhleh, Tandy Warnow, Don Ringe, and Steven N. Evans
Chao Chen, Andy Liaw and Leo Breiman
664. Measuring Traffic (Jun, 2004)
Peter Bickel, Chao Chen, Jaimyoung Kwon, John Rice, Erik van Zwet and Pravin Varaiya
Tao Shi, Bin Yu, Eugene E. Clothiaux and Amy J. Braverman