Tech Reports

The Department faculty regularly makes its research available to the wider community in the form of tech reports. Reports reaching back to 1992 are available for download below.

Additional Resources:

Francois Barbancon, Tandy Warnow, Steven N. Evans, Donald Ringe, and Luay Nakhleh
S. Mukherjee and T. P. Speed
Vincent Q. Vu, Bin Yu, Robert E. Kass
Steven N. Evans and Tye Lidman
722. AdaBoost is Consistent (Dec, 2006)
Peter L. Bartlett and Mikhail Traskin
721. Probability and real trees (Dec, 2006)
Steven N. Evans
Romain Thibaux and Michael I. Jordan
Constantinos Daskalakis, Alexandros D. G. Dimakis, Richard M. Karp, and Martin J. Wainwright
Steven N. Evans, David Steinsaltz, Kenneth W. Wachter
Peter J. Bickel and Elizaveta Levina
Kenji Fukumizu, Francis R. Bach and Michael I. Jordan
Peter Bickel, Bas Kleijn, and John Rice
Kyungpil Kim, Keni Jiang, Shibo Zhang, Li Cai, In-Beum Lee, Lewis Feldman, Haiyan Huang
X. Nguyen, M. J. Wainwright and M. I. Jordan